"How To" – Summer Citrus Party

A casual little mix and match profile of our floral collections all inspired
by CITRUS. We absolutely recommend creating a custom experience
out of our classic designs by rearranging them, pairing unexpected
color combos, or mixing up your vase choices!
It's 1,000% the way to go.


Citrus loves long walks on the beach, soaking up the Summer sun, and
brunching with her zest friends. She believes fruity is only skin deep and every
person is truly one of a rind. Her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.
What makes you laugh, Citrus?
"A real orange-inal pun. Eh eh eh?"
I walked into that one didn't I. Alright, next question – what's the
most interesting job you've ever had?
"Got a job as a theatre lighting technician once. It was spot on."
WOW, okay okay, I'm into it. Okay, so last question – what's your signature drink?
"Easy peasy lemon squeezy. DEFINITELY an Aperol Orange Margarita."
** Get the recipe for an Aperol Orange Margarita here!
Check out this custom work below over on Sweet Root Village for
more CITRUS inspiration thanks to other friends like Grit and Grace,

Good to the last squeeze,
Simply Sweet Root
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