The Power of Votive Candles

While Simply arrangements are convenient to order and come with a super cool vase and a happy smile, they ARE missing those bits and bobs called CANDLES.

But, “
a candle with no smell? It makes no scents” you say! Stick with us a moment, let us explain: Accenting votives add a TON to table. That soft, romantic mood lighting is an event necessity! We recommend planning ahead for your event by gathering complimentary votives and tchotchkes (small baubles or miscellaneous items).

Q: What do you get when you put a candle in a suit of armor?
A: a "Knight-Light" 

Maybe you'll find taper candles laying around your home? Perhaps you'll order votives in bulk from West Elm? Or perhaps you have a cute shop down the street with the most perfect set of salt and pepper shakers. Whatever avenue you choose – pick the path that suits your event, suits your flowers, and creates a fun talking point for your party guests.

Style suggestions: Keep to glass if you are looking for a clean, minimal design for your tables. BUT, sometimes a wow moment in an element as small as a votive candle adds just the pop of interest that your design needs! Time to put a match to flame and a flame to candle and LIGHT UP YOUR PARTY WORLD!

Cheers to your next flower party,
Simply Sweet Root