Care and Handling

So, you just had flowers from Sweet Root Village delivered to you, now what?
Keep fresh flowers away from drafts and extreme temperatures, which can quickly dry out or freeze the flowers and cause wilting. 
Avoid placing flower arrangements in window sills and other areas with full sun where flowers can wilt due to overheating.
Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions, however we do not recommend placing them in a refrigerator as they are sometimes too cold or can expose the flowers to too much ethylene gas.
Keep flower stems submerged in fresh water at all times for maximum freshness.
Avoid touching the blooms, as this can cause bruising, this includes carrying them away from your body or a car seat during transport. Picture an invisible cloud of protection around them!
Changing The Water In Your Flower Arrangement
First remove any dead or dying flowers from the arrangement.
After carefully removing the good flowers, clean the vase thoroughly with soapy water to remove any bacteria that could cause the fresh flowers to deteriorate even quicker. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.
For best results, cut stems with a sharp knife or scissors at an angle about one to two inches from the bottom. 
Place loose stems or wrapped bouquets of fresh flowers in water as soon as possible.
Most flowers do not require flower food, but if you plan to use a supplement in the water, please note the instructions, as not all blooms are happy with flower food.